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    RE: iSCSI: No Framing

    > Dough is continuing his rumblings - whether they are relevant to us or
    > I wonder if there is some administrative measure you can take to save us
    > some bandwidth or we should install our own "Otis filters".
    Doug is within bounds, but not by much.  He's basically correct that:
    > Discussion regarding the concept of framing using FIM within iSCSI is a
    > valid topic at this time.  [... snip ...]  With this topic to be decided
    > shortly, now is my opportunity to speak.
    On the other hand, Doug continues to engage in flawed reasoning that shows
    a lack of respect for other members of the WG.  His very next sentence,
    for example:
    > A generalized scheme for implementing DDP is relevant as opposed to one
    > is proprietary and application specific.  
    The word "proprietary" is an unfortunately typical of Doug:
    (1) assuming that standardization of certain components and/or interfaces 
    	is/are necessary to the use of FIM,
    (2) failing to acknowledge the existence of implementation approaches that
    	may not require such components or interfaces, AND
    (3) failing to consider the possibility that standardization of such
    	components or interfaces may not be necessary to interoperability.
    The result is that here and elsewhere when the IPS WG avoids Doug's
    invitation to unnecessary standardization, Doug accuses the IPS WG
    of working in secret on proprietary solutions.
    Needless to say such accusations are not only groundless, but have also
    become boring due to excessive repetition.  Doug might get more respect for
    his ideas if he showed more respect for the ideas of others.  Nonetheless,
    it is fair for Doug to advocate that SCTP is the right long-term solution
    and that FIM is not a step in that direction:
    > To prevent fracturing of the market and creating standards competition
    > within IETF, FIM should be removed from the iSCSI draft.  Transition to
    > for this feature and do not add layers to TCP.
    One's personal filters are ones own concern - I have a responsibility to
    pay attention to the contributions of all, but it would help if Doug
    would remove the words "proprietary" and "secret" from the vocabulary
    he uses when posting to this list.
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