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    RE: iscsi : iscsi specific CHECK CONDITIONS.

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    • Subject: RE: iscsi : iscsi specific CHECK CONDITIONS.
    • From: "Elliott, Robert" <>
    • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 09:56:29 -0600
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    • Thread-Topic: iscsi : iscsi specific CHECK CONDITIONS.

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Santosh Rao []
    > Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 10:10 PM
    > To: IPS Reflector; T10 Reflector
    > Subject: iscsi : iscsi specific CHECK CONDITIONS.
    > iSCSI specifies that SCSI layer CHECK CONDITIONs be used to 
    > indicate some iscsi specific transport errors such as :
    > - Unexpected unsolicited data
    >    SK=Aborted Cmd. ASC = 0x0c. ASCQ = 0x0c  
    > - Not enough unsolicited data  
    >    SK=Aborted Cmd. ASC = 0x0c. ASCQ = 0x0d.       
    > - Protocol Service CRC         
    >    SK=Aborted Cmd. ASC = 0x47 ASCQ = 0x05  
    > - SNACK rejected               
    >    SK=Aborted Cmd. ASC = 0x11 ASCQ = 0x13   
    > However, SPC-2 mandates certain restrictions on when the 
    > CHECK CONDITION scsi status may be used for a REPORT LUNs:
    > "The device server shall return a CHECK CONDITION only when 
    > it is unable to return the requested LUN inventory" 
    > Section 7.19
    > How should an iscsi target indicate a protocol service crc
    > or SNACK rejected for a REPORT LUNs command ? Would a 
    > CHECK CONDITION generated as above render iscsi targets 
    > SPC-2 non-compliant and break any functionality w.r.t 
    > REPORT LUNs ?
    If you get such errors in the service delivery subsystem, 
    the REPORT LUNS is not "able to return the requested 
    LUN inventory." The command must be considered unsuccessful 
    if a CRC error occurs, the data length is suspect, etc.
    I don't think there is any conflict in the wording today.
    INQUIRY is worded exactly the same way as REPORT LUNS.
    Perhaps the REQUEST SENSE wording is clearer and should
    be applied to REPORT LUNS and INQUIRY:
      The device server shall return CHECK CONDITION 
      status for a REQUEST SENSE command only to report 
      exception conditions specific to the command itself. 
      For example:
      a) An invalid field value is detected in the CDB;
      b) An unrecovered parity error is detected by 
         the service delivery subsystem; or
      c) A target malfunction that prevents return of 
         the sense data.
    Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage


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