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    RE: iSCSI: not offering a key

    I don’t think we should be in the business of adding lots of code to cope with possible bugs at the other end … there would be no end to what you would do and how you would do it.


    Couldn’t we just strike the sentence and say what Dr. Russell said. I would suggest something like:


    “There is no such thing as implicit offers. If an explicit offer is not made then a reply cannot be expected.”


    -- cut and past from his EMAIL --

    I believe this sentence was added to the spec because at the

    last UNH plugfest, several people were interpreting "no explicit

    offer" of a key as an "implicit" offer of the default for the key,

    and were therefore expecting a reply.  This sentence is intended

    to prevent that interpretation -- if you don't make an explict offer

    you cannot expect a reply -- there are no such things as implicit offers.




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    > Maybe I don’t understand the sentence. I interpret it to mean that if the

    > default value is acceptable to me then not offering it is somehow different

    > than the default … and that confuses me (well, actually it makes me wonder

    > if the sentence is trying to say something else).


    Here are two examples of how it's different:


    (1) If for some reason the other party doesn't have the

        same default (bugs happen), negotiation should drive

        both parties to an agreed value, but in the absence of

        negotiation, the other party might do something different.

        Moral: if a key value is important, it MUST be negotiated.

        This is a little weaker than Luben's statement that

        all keys always have to be negotiated.  That strength

        was never intended.


    (2) If the other party wants to negotiate the value and

        both offer the same default value, not offering the default

        results in an additional step before the negotiation can

        conclude, viz:


        -> Nothing        -> Key=Default

        <- Key=Default    <- Key=Default

        -> Key=Default





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