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    Framing Update

    The issue that necessitated removing the iSCSI Framing
    Requirements agenda item from Tuesday's agenda has been
    resolved.  I'm sorry that removing the agenda item was
    necessary, but would ask for some understanding that
    AD and WG chair work overload were significant
    contributing factors to this.
    In the tsvwg meeting on Tuesday, it was announced that
    the TCP ULP framing draft (draft-ietf-tsvwg-tcp-ulp-frame-01.txt)
    will be advanced to become an Experimental RFC.  My
    understanding is that a combination of technical
    concerns raised in tsvwg-related discussions and the
    observation of the difficulty that the ips WG has had
    in determining the appropriate level of requirement
    for this mechanism contributed to a conclusion that an
    Experimental RFC is appropriate at this time.  This
    is not the last word ... FWIW, Explicit Congestion
    Notification (ECN) started out as an Experimental RFC
    and has recently been updated and reissued as a Proposed
    Standard RFC.
    Since normative references to Experimental RFCs
    are not permitted in standards-track documents, the
    strongest requirement that iSCSI may use for TCP ULP
    framing is "MAY" (MAY implement, MAY use) - "SHOULD"
    and "MUST" cannot be used.
    I am also going to exercise my prerogative as WG chair
    in the area of framing mechanisms that are independent
    of the TCP implementation to announce that at most one
    such mechanism will be permitted to be specified for
    use with iSCSI.  This means that when the details for
    the word-stuffing version of constant overhead byte
    stuffing are worked out and made available, the WG will
    be faced with two issues:
    (1) Which mechanism is to be specified (markers or
    	word-stuffing)?  I don't believe that WG rough
    	consensus can be obtained for not specifying
    	any mechanism in this space.
    (2) What level of requirements (MUST/SHOULD/MAY) to
    	impose on implementation and use of that
    As I said in Salt Lake City, I do not intend to allow
    these issues to remain open beyond the February interim
    David L. Black, Senior Technologist
    EMC Corporation, 42 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
    +1 (508) 435-1000            FAX: +1 (508) 497-8500       Mobile: +1 (978) 394-7754


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