SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Summer 1998

June 18
Title: Utilizing Idle Capacity Through Speculative Processing - An Application of Active Objects
Speaker: Chung-Kwong Yuen, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
July 9
Title: Creating a Scalable Architecture for Internet Measurement
Speaker: Andrew Adams, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Title: Application-transparent operation-based update propagation in a Mobile File System
Speaker: Yui-wah LEE (Clement), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
July 16
Title: A Resource Query Interface for Network-Aware Applications
Speaker: Bruce Lowekamp, Carnegie Mellon University
August 18
Title: Active Storage For Large-Scale Data Mining and Multimedia
Speaker: Erik Riedel, Carnegie Mellon University
August 20
Title: Core-Stateless Fair Queueing: A Scalable Architecture to Approximate Fair Bandwidth Allocations in High Speed Networks
Speaker: Ion Stoica, Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Automatic TCP Buffer Tuning
Speaker: Jeff Semke, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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