SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 1997

April 4
Title: I/O Revisited -- Why and How
Speaker: Jim Gray, Microsoft Research
April 3
Title: A Case for Adaptive Error Correction in a Wireless Local Area Network
Speaker: David Eckhardt, CMU
March 27
Title: The Network Computer and its Future
Speaker: Bob Brodersen, UC Berkeley
March 20
Title: Reducing the effects of buffering semantics and operating system structure on I/O performance
Speaker: Jose' Carlos Brustoloni, CMU
March 13
Title: Program Partitioning for a Multi-Instruction-Stream Architecture
Speaker: Chris Newburn, CMU
February 20
Title: Rapid Development of Custom Software Architecture Design Environments
Speaker: Bob Monroe, CMU
February 13
Title: Reconfigurable Virtual Hardware for Custom Computing
Speaker: Herman Schmit, CMU
February 6
Title: Mobility Support in IPv6
Speaker: Dave Johnson, CMU
January 30
Title: Copy Emulation in Checksummed, Multiple-Packet Communication
Speaker: Jose' Carlos Brustoloni, CMU
January 23
Title: Managing Complexity in Wide-Area File Systems
Speaker: Mic Bowman, member of the technical staff, Transarc Corporation

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