SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 1994

May 12
Title: An Empirical Study of a Highly Available File System
Speaker: Brian Noble
May 12
Title: SynRGen: An Extensible File Reference Generator
Speaker: Maria Ebling
May 05
Title: Large Granularity Cache Coherence for Intermittent Connectivity
Speaker: Lily Mummert
April 28
Title: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SE* But Were Afraid to Ask
Speaker: Daniel Jackson
April 21
Title: Computer Systems Issues in Digital Mapping
Speaker: Dave McKeown
April 14
Title: Tools for Monitoring the Behavior of an Operating System
Speaker: Elmootazbellah N. Elnozahy
April 07
Title: World Wide Web and the Mosaic Browser
Speaker: Bill Scherlis
Mar 31
Title: Grand Challenge: Parallel Simulation of Air Pollution Formation and Movement
Speaker: Ed Segall
Mar 24
Title: Highly Available Disk Arrays
Speaker: Mark Holland
Mar 17
Title: Experiences and Research Plans in Electronic Negotiation
Speaker: Bob Wheeler
Mar 03
Title: Software Write Detection in DSM Systems
Speakers: Wayne Sawdon and Matt Zekauskas
Feb 24
Title: Large-Scale Distributed Programming Without a Lot of Consistency
Speaker: Peter Stout
Feb 17
Title: A Message Passing Architecture for Compiled Parallel Programs
Speaker: Thomas M. Stricker
Feb 10
Title: Electronic Mail in an Expanding Universe
Speaker: Dr. Anita Borg, Network Systems Laboratory, Digital Equipment Corp.
Feb 03
Title: Document Interoperability with Acrobat
Speaker: Paul Gerlach, Adobe
Jan 27
Title: WITs for WIMPs
Speaker: Terri Watson

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