SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2010

27 Craig Soules, HP Labs LazyBase: Trading Freshness for Performance at Scale
27 Ted Willke, Intel Differentiated Storage Services - Making the Most of Solid-state Drives
17 Adam Oliner,
Stanford University
Using Influence to Understand Complex Systems
13 Jiaqi Tan, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore Diagnosing Problems and Visualizing Behavior in MapReduce Systems
4 Sharad Agarwal,
Microsoft Research
Volley: Automated Data Placement for Geo-Distributed Cloud Services
CyLab Seminar
30 Kim Hazelwood,
Univ. Virginia
A Case for Runtime Adaptation using Cross-Layer Approaches
CALCM Seminar
15 Lin Zhong,
Rice University
From Users to Energy-efficient Mobile Internet
4 Joseph Hellerstein,
Engineering Autonomic Systems
25 Rajesh Balan,
School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University
Real-Time Information Services for a Large Taxi Fleet
28 Vas Bala,
IBM Research
Virtual Machine Images as Structured Data: the Mirage project at IBM


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