SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2008

21 Ajay Surie,
CMU PhD Student
Low Bandwidth VM Migration via Opportunistic Replay
27 Lidong Zhou,
Microsoft Research
Reconfiguring a State Machine: A Tutorial
3 Nick Feamster
Georgia Tech
Improving Internet Reliability with Path Splicing
(Systems Seminar)
17 James Hendricks,
Byzantine Fault-tolerant Erasure-coded Storage
24 Andy Konwinski &
Matei Zaharia,
UC Berkeley
Monitoring and Debugging Hadoop using X-Trace
(Joint SDI / Intel Seminar)

Randal Bryant, CMU

Steven Schlosser, Intel Research Pittsburgh

Data-Intensive Scalable Computing

Building Ground Models of S. California

1 Rupert Croft, CMU Petascale Cosmology
13 Feng Zhao,
Microsoft Research
Power Management: from tiny embedded devices to warehouse sized data centers
22 Michael Isard
Microsoft Research
Dryad and DryadLINQ: General-purpose distributed data-parallel programming using a high-level language
30 Vasanth Bala &
Glenn Ammons
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Virtual Machine Images as Data: The Mirage Project



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