SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2006

9 Geoff Gordon, CMU A Tutorial on Monte-Carlo Methods
(Intel Seminar)
16 Adam Wierman, CMU Open vs. Closed: A Cautionary Tale
1 Mobifest (Co-sponsored with Intel)

Long-term Digital Preservation -
Mary Baker, HP Labs, Palo Alto
Experiences of Engineering the e-Campus Pervasive
Display System
Nigel Davies, Lancaster University, UK
Seaweed: Scalable Distributed Querying
Dushyanth Narayanan, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
Sensing, Modeling, and Predicting Mobility
David Kotz, Institute for Security Technology Studies,
Dartmouth College
Hierarchical Power Management
Mark Corner, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Navigating Indoor Spaces
Antonio Krüger, Institute for Geoinformatics,
University of Münster, Germany

11 Arkady Zaslavsky,
Monash University, Australia & Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

eHermes: Development and Run-time Support for Mobile Multiagent Systems

13 Florentina Popovici,
U. Wisconsin-Madison
Data Driven Models in Storage System Design
(Intel Seminar)
4 Phillip Gibbons, Intel Research Pittsburgh and Michael Kozuch, Intel Research Pittsburgh Log-Based Architectures
(Joint SDI, CALCM, Intel Seminar)
11 Eno Thereska, CMU Informed Data Distribution Selection in a Self-predicting Storage System
25 Partho Nath,
Penn State University
Design Tradeoffs in Applying Content Addressable Storage to Enterprise-scale Systems Based on Virtual Machines
(Intel Seminar)

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