SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2004

January 22
Title: Scalable Randomization for Dynamic Data Storage (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Didi Yao, University of S. California
January 29
Title: Building Distributed Systems Secure By Construction (Host: M. Satyanarayanan)
Speaker: Andrew Myers, Cornell University
February 19
Title: Making Better Use of Storage in Computer Systems (via explicit information sharing across the storage interface)
Speaker: John LInwood Griffin, CMU
February 26
Title: Mobile File System Support for Collaborative Data Access (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Ben Atkin, Cornell University
March 4
Title: Diamond: A Storage Architecture for Early Discard in Interactive Search (Host: M. Satyanarayanan)
Speaker: Larry Huston, Intel Pgh.
March 11
Title: MEMS-based storage devices and standard disk interfaces: A square peg in a round hole?
(Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Steve Schlosser, CMU
March 18
Title: Integrating Portable and Distributed Storage
Speaker: Niraj Tolia, CMU
March 25
Title: A Framework for Implementing Unobtrusive Disk Maintenance Applications
Speaker: Eno Thereska, CMU
April 8
Title: Exploiting Information Relationships for Access Control
Speaker: Urs Hengartner, CMU
April 13
Title: Flux: A Mechanism for Building Robust, Scalable Dataflows (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Mehul Shah, UC Berkeley
April 15
Title: Preemptive vs. Non-Preemtive Lock Scheduling in OLTP DBMSs (Joint SDI/Database Seminar)
Speaker: David McWherter, CMU
April 22
Title: Secure, Cross-Domain Authentication with SFS (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Michael Kaminsky, MIT
April 29
Title: Scalable Internet Path Selection System
Speaker: Gary Miller, CMU
May 20
Title: SPEC and Beyond (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Ryan Rakvic, Intel

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