SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2003

January 16
Title: Composing Pervasive Data
Speaker: Norm Cohen, IBM Research
January 23
Title: Portability, Extensibility and Robustness in Ubiquitous Computing System Software
Speaker: Armando Fox, Stanford
January 30
Title: What's Happening at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley?
Speaker: Roy Levin, Director, Microsoft Research
February 6
Title: Bigger, Better, Faster: Real World Systems @ Google
Speaker: Howard Gobioff, Google
February 13
Title: The Impact of Thread Size and Selection on the Performance of Thread-Level Speculation
Speaker: Chris Colohan, CMU
February 20
Title: Self-Stabilization in Network Services
Speaker: Anish Arora, Ohio State
February 27
Title: IOTA and GAMMA: Two Systems Projects for 3G Wireless Data Services
Speaker: Clement Lee, Bell Labs
March 6
Title: StarFish: Highly-available Block Storage (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Eran Gabber, Bell Labs
March 13
Title: Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming
Speaker: Venkata Padmanabhan, Microsoft Research
March 20
Title: Metadata Efficiency in Versioning File Systems
Speaker: Craig Soules, CMU
April 3
Title: Network Intermediaries for Constructing and Evaluating Scalable Network Services
(Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Ken Yocum, Duke University
April 17
Title: Transient Authentication for Mobile Devices (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Marc Corner, Univ. of Michigan
April 24
Title: Energy Conservation and Adaptation in Mobile and Embedded Systems (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Padmanabhan Pillai, University of Michigan
May 1
Title: Semantically-Smart Disk Systems
Speaker: Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Univ. of Wisconsin
May 8
Title: System Support for Online Reconfiguration
Speaker: Craig Soules, CMU
May 14
Title: Building DoS-Resistant Software through Defensive Programming (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Xiaohu (Tiger) Qie, Princeton University
May 15
Title: The Lustre File System
Speaker: Peter Braam, Cluster File Systems, Inc.
May 22
Title: Opportunistic Use of Content Addressable Storage for Distributed File Systems
Speaker: Niraj Tolia, CMU

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