SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 1999

August 26, 1999
Title: Providing Guaranteed Services Without Per Flow Management
Speaker: Ion Stoica, Carnegie Mellon University
September 16, 1999
Title: On Power-Law Relationships of the Internet Topology
Speaker: Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie Mellon University
September 23, 1999
Title: Architectures and Compilers for Reconfigurable Computing
Speaker: Seth Goldstein, Carnegie Mellon University
October 7, 1999
Title: ICEBERG: An Architecture for Multi-Modal, Multimedia Communications
Speaker: Anthony D. Joseph, University of California, Berkeley
October 21, 1999
Title: Memory Forwarding: Enabling Aggressive Layout Optimizations by
Guaranteeing the Safety of Data Relocation

Speaker: Todd Mowry, Carnegie Mellon University
November 11, 1999
Title: The K42 research operating system
Speaker: Orran Krieger, IBM T.J. Watson
Title: Using Interpretation for Profiling on the Alpha 21264a
Speaker: Kip Walker, Carnegie Mellon University
November 17, 1999
Title: A File System for Mobile Computers: the Reconcile Program
Speaker: John H. Howard, Sun Microsystems
November 18, 1999
Title: Clusters and Object Storage for Linux
Speaker: Peter Braam, Stelias Computing, Carnegie Mellon, Red Hat Software
December 2, 1999
Title: Web Traffic Modeling and Server Performance Analysis
Speaker: Mark S. Squillante, IBM, T.J. Watson
December 9, 1999
Title: Energy-Aware Adaptation for Mobile Applications
Speaker: Jason Flinn, Carnegie Mellon University

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