SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 1998

September 10, 1998
Title: Measuring Operating System Robustness (early results from the CMU Ballista project)
Speaker: Phil Koopman, Carnegie Mellon University
September 17, 1998
Title: The Pronto Control Platform
Speaker: Gisli Hjalmtysson, AT&T Research
September 24, 1998
Title: A Toolkit for Secure Internet Multicast
Speaker: Debanjan Saha, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
October 1, 1998
Title: Electric Power for the Dismounted Soldier
Speaker: Dan Siewiorek, Associate Director, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems, Carnegie Mellon University
October 8, 1998
Title: Application-Aware Anycast
Speaker: Andrew Myers, Carnegie Mellon University
October 15, 1998
Title: Modeling File Reference Patterns to Improve Caching Decisions
Speaker: Tom Kroeger, UC Santa Cruz & Carnegie Mellon Univ.
October 22, 1998
Title: Reconfiguring large storage systems: the Argo migration planner
Speaker: Dushyanth Narayanan, Carnegie Mellon University
October 29, 1998
Title: Automatic I/O Hint Generation through Speculative Execution
Speaker: Fay Chang, Carnegie Mellon University
November 5, 1998
Title: Pthreads for Dynamic and Irregular Parallelism
Speaker: Girija Narlikar, Carnegie Mellon Univesity
November 12, 1998
Title: Computer Engineering: What Research is Important
Speaker: Jerry Popek, UCLA & Platinum Corporation
November 19, 1998
Title: Information Security. Building Secure File Systems in an Insecure Environment.
Speaker: Jim Hughes, StorageTek
December 3, 1998
Title: Fast Compilation for Reconfigurable Hardware.
Speaker: Mihai Budiu, Carnegie Mellon University

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