SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 1996

December 5
Title: Proof-Carrying Code
Speaker: George Ciprian Necula, CMU
December 3
Title: Attribute-managed storage
Speaker: John Wilkes, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA
December 2
Title: BeOS, the BeBox, and Be Inc.
Speaker: Alex Osadzinski, VP Be Inc.
November 25
Title: Morph: An Environment for Platform-specific Optimization
Speaker: J. Bradley Chen, Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
November 21
Title: The Swarm Scalable Storage System
Speaker: John Hartman, University of Arizona
November 14
Title: Active Networks
Speaker: David Tennenhouse, Telemedia, Networks and Systems Group, Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT
November 7
Title: Video as a High Level Data Type
Speaker: Professor Brian Smith, Cornell University
November 4
Title: Embedded Inodes and Explicit Grouping: Exploiting Disk Bandwidth for Small Files
Speaker: Greg Ganger, MIT
October 31
Title: InfoPad: A Platform for Exploring Protocol Design for Indoor Wireless Networks
Speaker: Tom Truman, University of California, Berkeley
October 24
Title: Design Issues for Programmable Video Signal Processor Chips
Speaker: Andrew Wolfe, Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
October 17
Title: A Lightweight Distributed Object System
Speaker: Peter A. Dinda, CMU
October 11
Title: Intelligent, Adaptive File System Policy Selection
Speaker: Tara M. Madhyastha, University of Illinois, Urbana
October 10
Title: Effects of Buffering Semantics on I/O Performance
Speaker: Jose Carlos Brustoloni, CMU
October 3
Title: Java as an Intermediate Language
Speaker: Jonathan Hardwick, CMU
September 26
Title: Value Locality and Load Value Prediction
Speaker: Mikko H. Lipasti, CMU
September 19
Title: The Intrinsic Bandwidth Requirements of Ordinary Programs
Speaker: Andrew. S. Huang, CMU
September 13
Title: Thread Scheduling for Cache Locality
Speaker: Kai Li, Princeton University
September 12
Title: Measurement and Analysis of the Error Characteristics of an In Building Wireless Network
Speaker: David Eckhardt, CMU
September 5
Title: Where Have All The Cycles Gone? DISSUADE: A Tool For Instruction-level Dynamic Slicing
Speaker: Robert O'Callahan, CMU
August 29
Title: A Case for Network-attached Storage
Speaker: David Nagle, CMU

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