SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 1994

December 8
Title: Mach-US: UNIX On Generic OS Object Servers
Speaker: J. Mark Stevenson
December 1
Title: Summary of T3D / Paragon tutorials and talks at Supercomputing 94
Speaker: J. Hardwick
November 17
Title: Hardware and Software Overview of an MRI System
Speaker: Doug Noll, University of Pittsburgh
November 10
Title: NetBill: An internet billing system designed for information goods
Speaker: Doug Tygar
November 3
Title: Twin peaks: A better use of a processor/co-processor pair in distributed memory parallel computers
Speaker: Thomas Stricker
October 20
Title: Error Recovery in Redundant Disk Arrays
Speaker: Bill Courtright
October 13
Title: Processor Capacity Reserves: Operating System Support for Multimedia Applications
Speaker: Clifford Mercer
October 6
Title: Porting a Vector Library: a Comparison of MPI, Paris, CMDD and PVM
Speaker: J. Hardwick
September 29
Title: The Maui High Performance Computing Center: A Reply to Randy Katz
Speaker: Jon Webb
September 22
Title: Exposed Buffering and Sub-Datagram Flow Control for ATM LANs
Speaker: Jose Carlos Brustoloni
September 15
Title: Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation
Speaker: Steve Lucco
September 8
Title: Application-Aware Adaptation for Mobile Computing
Speaker: Brian Noble

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