SDI/ISTC Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2018

29 Karsten Rönner
CEO & Co-Founder, Swarm64
The Swarm64 Data Accelerator (S64 DA): Processing OLAP Workloads Of Open-Source SQL-Databases With CPU+FPGA Cooperative Computing
*partially funded by Yahoo!
8 Nosayba El-Sayed
Dept of Computer Science, Emory College
Why Do We Need Data-driven Datacenters?
1 Richard Heyns
CEO & Co-Founder, Brytlyt
Using GPU Databases To Build The Next Generation Of Artificial Intelligence
*partially funded by Yahoo!
25 Felipe Aramburu
CTO & Co-Founder, BlazingDB
The Design & Implementation Of BlazingDB: An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Database Management System
*partially funded by Yahoo!
12 Shriram Rajagopala, VMware Istio Service Mesh – A network for services, not bytes
4 Jake Wheat
Lead Architect, SQream
SQream DB - Bigger Data On GPUs: Approaches, Challenges, Successes
*partially funded by Yahoo!
20 Todd Mostak
CEO & Co-Founder, MapD
Fast Software For Fast Hardware: How Analytics Platform MapD Exploits The Massive Parallelism Of GPUs
13 Pulkit Grover
Reliable Computing Using Crappy Nodes
7 Pat Helland
Mind Your State For Your State Of Mind
*partially funded by Yahoo!
6 Nima Negahban
CTO, Kinetica
Thinking Outside The Base: GPU-Accelerated Analytics With Kinetica


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