SDI/ISTC Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2015

10 Indranil Gupta,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graph-Busters: Distributed Graph Processing Engines Must Tread Carefully
30 Niraj Tolia
Maginatics Engineering Team, EMC
Things I Wish I Had Known (Before I Graduated)
SCS-ECE Emigration Seminar
12 Lauren Foutz, Oracle Oracle Berkeley DB, An Open Source Embedded Key/Value Database System
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
10 Bruce Maggs,
Duke University
The Internet at the Speed of Light
9 George Amvrosiadis,
University of Toronto
Opportunistic Storage Maintenance
5 Ivan Bowman,
SQL Anywhere: Data Management For Occasionally Connected Devices
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
29 Aditya Ganjam, Conviva C3: Internet-scale Control Plane for Video Quality Optimization
Note start time - 3:30 pm
22 Igor Canadi & Mark Callaghan, Facebook The Journey from Faster to Better
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
8 Howard Chu, LMDB The Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
1 Haoyuan Li,
Tachyon Nexus
Tachyon: A Memory-centric Distributed Storage System
17 D. Richard Hipp, SQLite SQLite, A Database for the Edge of the Network
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
VIDEO of the talk
10 Keith Bostic, MongoDB A Technical Introduction to WiredTiger
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
VIDEO of the talk


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