SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2010


9 Xiaowei Yang,
Duke University
Bootstrapping Accountability in the Internet We Have
29 Zhikui Wang, HP Labs Sustainable IT Ecosystems: Need-based provisioning of resources
22 Junfeng Yang, Columbia University Making Threads Deterministic by Memoizing Schedules
11 Daniel Abadi, Yale Univ. Emerging Trends in Shared-Nothing Database Systems
4 Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, NYU Computing for Development: A New High Impact Research Area
Talk Slides: PDF
14 Tiziana Refice, Google M-Lab: open platform, open tools and open data for an open Internet
29 Nina Taft
Intel Research Berkeley
ANTIDOTE: Understanding and Defending against the Poisoning of Anomaly Detectors
Joint SDI / Intel Seminar
27 Alberto Lopez Toledo
Telefonica Research Lab, Barcelona, Spain
Exploiting WLAN Deployment Density: Fair WLAN Backhaul Aggregation
Joint SDI / Intel Seminar
16 David Petrou, Google Search by Sight: Google Goggles


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