SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2006

22 Hsien-Hsin (Sean) Lee
Georgia Institute of Technology
Exploiting Multicore Architecture for Secure, Revivable Services
(Intel Seminar)
25 Joshua LeVasseur University of Karlsruhe Pre-virtualization: Soft Layering for Virtual Machines
31 Prashant Chandra
Intel Corporation
Terascale Computing Research @ Intel
9 Konstantina (Dina) Papagiannaki
Intel Research Cambridge
Self-Organization in High Density 802.11 Wireless Access Networks
(Joint SDI/Intel Seminar)
10 Madeleine Glick
Intel Research Cambridge
High Capacity Optical Interconnects
(Joint SDI/Intel Seminar)
16 Bob Briscoe
University College London
Fixing Internet DDoS & Net Neutral QoS using One More Bit & Economic Policy
(Joint SDI/EPP Seminar)
30 Ahmed Amer
U. Pittsburgh
Prediction for Power and Cache
7 Ed Nightingale
University of Michigan
Rethink the Sync

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Last updated 30 Nov, 2006