SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2004

September 2, 2004
Title: SYSIO: A user-level VFS implementation for the Sandia/Cray Red Storm architecture
Speaker: Lee Ward, Sandia National Labs
September 9, 2004
Title: Secure Bootstrap is Not Enough: Shoring up the Trusted Computer Base
Speaker: James Hendricks, CMU
September 16, 2004
Title: Challenges in Building a Two-Tiered Learning Architecture for Disk Layout
Speaker: Brandon Salmon, CMU
September 23, 2004
Title: A Protocol for a Decentralized, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Metadata Service
Speaker: Michael Abd-El-Malek, CMU
September 30, 2004
Title: Exporting Parallel File Systems in a Scalable Manner with pNFS
Speaker: Dean Hildebrand, University of Michigan
October 7, 2004
Title: The Lustre File System
Speaker: Peter Braam, Cluster File Systems
October 21, 2004
Title: Privtrans: Automatically Partitioning Programs for Privilege Separation
Speaker: David Brumley, CMU
October 28, 2004
Title: Secure Remote Computing Services
Speaker: Jason Nieh, Columbia University
November 4, 2004
Title: Recovery as Rapid Adaptation: Combining Fast Microrecovery with Statistical Monitoring
Speaker: Armando Fox, Stanford University
November 11, 2004
Title: Network Data Streaming — A Computer Scientist's Journey in Signal Processing
Speaker: Jun (Jim) Xu, Georgia Tech
November 18, 2004
Title: The Case for a New Name System for the Internet
Speaker: Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell University
November 22, 2004
Title: Dependability Aspects of Distributed Architectures
Speaker: Dr. Michael Paulitsch, Honeywell

December 16, 2004

Title: THESIS DEFENSE: Cluster Scheduling for Explicitly-Speculative Tasks
Speaker: David Petrou, CMU
December 16, 2004
Title: What will my performance be? (A Resource Advisor for DBMSs)
Speaker: Dushyanth Narayanan, Microsoft Research Cambridge

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