SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2001

September 20, 2001
Title: Security Issues for Publish/Subscribe Systems
Speaker: Chenxi Wang, ECE
September 24, 2001
Title: Google - A Systems Overview
Speaker: Howard Gobioff, Google
September 27, 2001
Title: Microprocessor Design and Development for the US Navy F14 FighterJet
Speaker: Ray Holt, Cornerstone Computers
October 5, 2001
Title: Efficient Query Processing in a Mediator for Web Data Sources
Speaker: Vladimir I. Zadorozhny, U. of Pittsburgh
October 11, 2001
Title: Farsite: A Serverless Distributed File System in an Untrusted Environment
Speaker: Bill Bolosky, Microsoft
October 18, 2001
Title: Moore's Law: Is it Time to Just Give Up and Work on Easier Problems?
Speaker: Yale Patt, Univ. Texas, Austin
November 2, 2001
Title: The Future of Distributed Systems in a Global Enterprise
Speaker: Dalibor Vrsalovic, Intel Online Services
November 8, 2001
Title: Cooltown: A Web-Based Infrastructure for Nomadic Computing
Speaker: Mirjana Spasojevic, HP Labs, Palo Alto
November 15, 2001
Title: SEDA: An Architecture for Well-Conditioned, Scalable Internet Services
Speaker: Matt Welsh, UC Berkeley
November 29, 2001
Title: Integrating Kerberos and PKI with Junk Keys
Speaker: Peter Honeyman, University Michigan
December 6, 2001
Title: Building a Robust Software-Based Router Using Network Processors
Speaker: Tammo Spalink, Princeton University
December 13, 2001
Title: Track-Aligned Extents: Matching Access Patterns to Disk Drive Characteristics
Speaker: Jiri Schindler, CMU


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