DATE: Thursday, October 9, 2014
TIME: Noon - 1:00 pm
PLACE: RMCIC 4th Floor Panther Hollow Room

SPEAKER: Andrew Morrow, MongoDB

TITLE: MongoDB: Reinventing the Database Landscape

MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. The world’s most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional databases.

This talk will review the feature set of MongoDB and the history and rationale behind those features, including BSON, the document model, replication, and database sharding. MongoDB's feature set represents a particular set of trade-offs, and the advantages and disadvantages of those trade-offs will be considered in the context of various use cases.

Andrew majored in CS at Brown University. After graduation he co-founded a telco start-up in Providence. He later moved to NYC to work for Google, focusing on concurrency and network IO. After a quick stint in finance he joined MongoDB two years ago. His work at MongoDB has focused on C++ portability and language standards conformance, the document update path in the database server, build system and library design, and most recently on the C and C++ database drivers.

VISITOR COORDINATOR: Samantha Dinardo,, 8-7660

Karen Lindenfelser, 86716, or visit

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A joint seminar with MCDS.