DATE: Thursday, Apreil 26, 2012
TIME: Noon - 1 pm
PLACE: 4th Floor CIC ISTC Panther Hollow conference room

SPEAKER: Peter Braam, Parallel Scientific; Xyratex; Lustre

TITLE: The Lustre File System: 13 years from a CMU elevator chat to an open source success

In this talk we will cover how Lustre, something that started as an informal research project in a CMU elevator, evolved in 13 years to a product that is used worldwide on large HPC computers, in particular on all of the top 10 computers in the world. I plan to weave 5 threads into the story, each with their happy and sad moments: the research and novel aspects and their fate, building the open source business case, negotiating features and architecture with the US government, the successes and failures of software engineering methods and finally the role of key people. We will close the talk with a discussion of what may lie ahead.

Peter Braam taught mathematics and computer science until around 2000 and then became a software entrepreneur. He has developed several storage systems in startups that were acquired. When not running startups he has held executive positions in a larger companies. He is currently running a startup called Parallel Scientific, focussed on parallel programming and a Fellow for Storage Software at Xyratex, a large storage OEM supplier. Peter has good connections with academics and occasionally supervises a student and is on advisory groups to the European Community for High Performance Computing.

VISITOR HOST: M. Satyanarayanan


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