DATE: Monday, April 2, 2012 - NOTE SPECIAL DAY
TIME: Noon to 1 pm
PLACE: ISTC Panther Hollow Room

SPEAKERS: Deva Bodas, Intel and Murali Rajappa, Intel

TITLE: Technologies and Trends in Managing Server Power

This one-hour seminar will include a two-part discussion.

Part I, "10 lessons learned while managing server power" by Intel's Deva Bodas, will discuss how Intel's customers view the management of server power. A key observation is that, while many of the component power management technologies are developed initially for clients, the usage of and expectations for those technologies are very different in the server context. The discussion will include key lessons learned regarding creating technologies to improve server and datacenter efficiency.

Part II, "Improving efficiency for racks and datacenters" by Intel's Murali Rajappa, will discuss current and future Intel technologies that allows managing servers power to maximize efficiency of racks and datacenters. Datacenters demand a large allocation of energy from utility companies. Capital and operational cost for power and cooling for datacenters is usually the most dominant expense in IT budget. Further, while servers may be used for 3 to 5 years, datacenters are built to be used 10 to 20 years. Easy deployment of new servers with advanced architectural features in an energy constrained environment requires two key elements: maximum use of space and capacity for power and cooling.

Deva Bodas is a Principal Engineer and the lead architect for server power management at Intel. He has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, has 30 years of experience in the computer and communication industry, and has authored 18 patents. Deva had envisioned power thermal issues with servers 11 years ago and successfully convinced Intel to make energy efficiency and power capping a priority for server systems. Today, Deva focuses on technology development for server power management at the platform, rack and datacenter level.

Murali Rajappa is a platform architect at Intel, focusing on path finding technologies in the area of server power management. He focuses on power management beyond the processor and is now investigating technologies to improve power efficiency of data centers by managing power of future servers in systems and racks.

VISITOR HOST: Michael Kozuch

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