(This file appears as README in the RAIDframe source tree)

This is RAIDframe v1.1

Supported platforms (versions listed are known good, others may work too)

Arch        OS            Version
Alpha       Digital Unix  2.0  (also user-level driver, kernel driver)
Alpha       Digital Unix  3.2x (also user-level driver, kernel driver)
Alpha       NetBSD        1.2
i386        NetBSD        1.1
parisc      hpux          9.x
rs6k        AIX           3.2.5
rs6k        AIX           4.1
sun         Solaris       5.4
sun         SunOS         4.1
decstation  ultrix        4.2
SGI         IRIX          5.3
i386        Linux         1.2
i386        Linux         2.0

To compile RAIDframe:

edit config/RAIDframe_site.def (and config/RAIDframe.tmpl if necessary)
make depend


Feel free to report bugs or send patches to the mailing list.



Initial public release


- Incorporate bug fix from Guillermo Alvarez for bad array declaration of dag_params in RF_DagNode_t

- Generalize failedPDA arrays in RF_AccessStripeMap_t for improved handling of multiple faults.

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