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    RE: [Ips] iSNS: question on exporting FC Zone DB to iSNS DB

    Base on the same reasoning that iSNS doesn't support the use of IP subnet
    as an initiator node in a DD, it doesn't support the (Domain_ID,Port_Number)
    construct in a FC zone, correct? 

    Joshua Tseng <> wrote:



    Contact me offline if you want help writing a draft.                                                 


    Regarding your question, in iSNS connectivity between iSCSI devices is established by DD membership.  DD membership for an iSCSI device can only be established by iSCSI Name.  Portal membership in a DD only indicates the preferred interface for iSCSI sessions, and by itself does not indicate DD membership for any iSCSI device.  So the answer is 'no', you cannot establish DD membership by IP subnet.




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    Regardinig #2, I would be interested in writing a paper after I have explored 

    more on the interoperability issues in bridging FC zones to iSNS, will

    definitely need more of your help.  I don't believe this qualifies for IETF draft

    or RFC, but having a more well defined rules in mapping FC zones to iSNS 

    will simplify the job of managing a mixed FC/iSCSI SAN.

    On a related question, is there a way to specify a IP subnet as an iSCSI

    Initiator node in a Discovery Domain -- the intent is to allow all the hosts

    on a subnet to access the targets in the corresponding DD.




    Joshua Tseng <> wrote:



    Here are my responses:


    1)       Yes, as alluded to in the iSNS draft.  You understood it well.

    2)       You are welcome to write a paper or RFC if you desire.  I am willing to help you out.

    3)       Yes.







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    From: dan yo []
    Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 10:56 PM
    Subject: [Ips] iSNS: question on exporting FC Zone DB to iSNS DB




    I would like to get some opinions and thoughts on mapping FC Zone Server DB

    to iSNS DB in a single or multiple fabrics, mixed protocol SAN switches



    Based on my understanding of the FC-GS, FC-SW, and the iSNS draft, FC zone

    objects are mapped to iSNS objects as follow:


      FC zone maps to iSNS DD (Discovery Domain).

      FC zone set maps to iSNS DD Set.

      FC fabric maps to iSNS Network Entity.


    Assume we have a multi-fabric SAN with mixed FC and iSCSI switches,

    and FC/iSCSI gateways.

    We want to create a central iSNS database to store all the devices,

    where some of the devices are exported from the FC zone DBs, and some

    are registered from the iSNS capable clients (most likely iSCSI devices). 

    With the central iSNS server, iSNS capable management stations now

    have a full view of the whole multi-fabric SAN. 


    My questions are:


    1. Would iSNS serve well for the above application?

    2. When FC Zone DBs are merged or segmented, how the FC Zone DBs

        are synchronized with the iSNS DB is an implementation issue, but 

        has anybody written any guideline or paper on this?

        If not, would this subject be a good ietf draft/rfc candidate?

    3. Is there any such product on the market from the major SAN switch

        manufacturers (that exports and maps FC Zone DB to iSNS server)?





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