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    RE: iSCSI - Errata - to 20

    Comments prefixed by DLB> --David
    Section 5 says:
       a key=value in the data part of one of the following Login or Text
       Response or Request.
    It is plural so should it say "PDUs"?
       a key=value in the data part of one of the following Login or Text
       Response or Request PDUs.
    DLB> A reasonable editorial clarification request.
    10.12.4 says:
       The version number of the current draft is 0x01. As such, all
       devices MUST carry version 0x01 for both Version-min and Versionmax.
    Version-min and Version-max are a part of a login request. Is it saying that
    an initiator may only use a min of 1 and a max of 1? Or is this saying that
    my target can only accept a min of 1 and a max of 1?
    DLB> This change to the version number is NOT to be made!
    Section 11 says:
       Other keys MUST NOT be used.
    What about these?
       a) Z-reversed.vendor.dns_name.do_something=
       b) Z<#><IANA-registered-string>=
    DLB> Only when used by an authentication method, as indicated by
    DLB> the last item in the list preceding this sentence.  The sentence
    DLB> is correct as it stands, and this was intentional, as adding
    DLB> arbitrary additional negotiation to the Security phase is a good
    DLB> way to introduce security problems.
    Section 13 says:
       The well-known
       system TCP port number for iSCSI connections assigned by IANA is 860
       and this port can be used with an override.
    Can someone clue me in as to what an "override" is? Does this simply mean
    I should support both 3260 and 860 at my target?
    DLB> The wording needs to change to be clearer.  Julian's email said:
    DLB>     -port numbers (default unchanged but can be
    DLB>        overridden with the system port 860)
    DLB> What this means is that any unadorned reference to "the well-known
    DLB> iSCSI port" means port 3260, without exception.  Port 860 is available
    DLB> for iSCSI for those who want or need a system port, courtesy of IANA,
    DLB> in order to use port 860, it MUST be explicitly specified.
    DLB> MUST NOT default to use of port 860, as 3260 is the only allowed


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