DATE: Thursday, December 11, 2014
TIME: 6:00 - 8:00 pm - NOTE TIME

SPEAKER: Perry Myers, Red Hat

TITLE: Intro to OpenStack & RDO OpenStack Deployment

Perry Myers from Red Hat and the RDO community will present a walkthrough of how to get an OpenStack environment up and running using tools and packages provided by the RDO community project.

The presentation will start with a high level overview of what OpenStack is, and what all of the major components are and how they inter-operate. The brief presentation will be followed by a live demonstration of installing OpenStack on commodity hardware and using it to perform some basic cloud operations (launching a virtual machine, and showing how tenant specific overlay networks work in Neutron).

Attendees of the session should be able to use their own hardware after the session and knowledge gained to install OpenStack (via themselves.

Perry Myers joined Red Hat in May 2007 as a developer working on virtualization technologies. He was one of the original founders of the oVirt project (in its first incarnation) and led the team developing a lightweight KVM hypervisor distribution based on Fedora called oVirt Node.

Following the work on oVirt, Perry took on an engineering management role with teams focused on the components that make up cloud infrastructures (including oVirt Node and the libvirt project) and high availability products (Pacemaker, HAProxy, RHEL High Availability/Load Balancer).

Currently, Perry is Director of Engineering for the Red Hat OpenStack engineering team focused on core infrastructure components (such as Nova, Neutron, Cinder and other Core/Integrated projects). He splits his focus between ensuring the success of the upstream RDO project and working to provide an enterprise grade distribution of OpenStack for Red Hat's OpenStack product portfolio.

Prior to his roles at Red Hat, Perry worked as a researcher and software engineer on several government research projects (in the areas of intelligence analysis and security) for defense contractors such as General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and BAE.

VISITOR HOST: Wolfgang Richter,

Karen Lindenfelser, 86716, or visit