DATE: Thursday, October 24, 2013
TIME: 5:00 - 7:00 pm - NOTE SPECIAL TIME
PLACE: Rashid Auditorium - GHC 4401 - NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION

SPEAKER: Sean Roberts, Yahoo! and Colin McNamara, Nexus IS Inc.

TITLE: Open Source Contribution Revelation, OpenStack Frienemies

The goal to build an open source version of software defined infrastructure required many ideas and people to be successful. Strong partnerships have evolved from the collaboration on this common goal. These partnerships are not obvious and in many cases contradictory. OpenStack frenemies are a strong part of what makes this open source project successful.

After the talk the speakers will lead a tutorial/hack session on OpenStack:

Sean Roberts is an OpenStack board director plus he works with all things related to OpenStack and software defined infrastructure. He is co-leading the OpenStack community training project which aims to provide instruction materials for all OpenStack user groups. His background includes developing and operating infrastructure at ADP, EA, EDS, Genentech, and Stanford. He also runs the San Francisco South Bay OpenStack meetups and is a member of the Executive Committee for IEEE MSST.

Colin McNamara is the Chief Cloud Architect for a Nexus IS, a systems integrator based in Silicon Valley. He manages the Cloud Practice and Open Source contributions in an engineering organization of more then 270 engineers. He has been been involved with Open Source since 1998 when he switched all web servers at his former ISP to Linux. Since then he has been involved with many open source projects including Netsaint/Nagios, Cacti, Ubuntu, Golden Cheetah and more. It is his belief that Open Source platforms, and the people that create / use them have been the fuel that the fire of Silicon Valley.

HOST: Garth Gibson
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