DATE: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - NOTE SPECIAL DAY
TIME: Noon to 1 pm
Gates 8102

SPEAKER: Keith Turner, Accumulo Developer

TITLE: New Accumulo 1.4 Features

Accumulo is a sorted, distributed key/value store based on Google's BigTable design. The National Security Agency Computer and Information Sciences Research Group recently contributed Accumulo to the Apache Software Foundation. This talk will provide a sneak preview of some of the innovations that will be included in the next release of Accumulo. In particular, we will highlight two of these features: the Fault Tolerant Executor (FATE) and the multi-level RFile. FATE ensures that operations like creating a table happen correctly in the face of faults and concurrency. The new multi-level RFile decreases open times and memory usage relative to our previous file format by using a BTree-like structure. We will also give a brief overview of the following new features : table cloning, tablet merging, merging minor compactions, logical time for bulk import, compact range, and delete range.

Keith Turner is an Accumulo developer who has worked on the project since 2008. He has worked on data mining problems at NSA since 2004. He has a MSCS from Purdue University and a BSCS from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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