DATE: Thursday, October 13, 2011
TIME: Noon to 1 pm
Gates 8102

SPEAKER: Dan Peek, Facebook

TITLE: A Brief History of Facebook's User Data Storage System

Over the last seven years, Facebook has grown from a website used by students at a few universities to one that allows over 800 million users to connect and share. During this time, the infrastructure to store and retrieve user data has undergone a similarly dramatic transformation.

This talk will discuss some of the challenges of Facebook's unique workload and the ways storage systems have been adapted to meet these demands. This has included adding new components like Memcache, and expanding to geographically distributed datacenters. I'll discuss some of the solutions Facebook has adopted to address consistency, scalability, and performance issues.

Daniel Peek is a software engineer at Facebook where he focuses on distributed storage and IP geolocation issues. He received a Ph.D. on distributed file systems from the University of Michigan in 2009.

VISITOR HOST: M. Satyanarayanan


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