Intel Research Seminar

DATE: Thursday, February 26, 2004
TIME: Noon - 1:30 pm
PLACE: Intel Seminar (417 S. Craig Street - 3rd Floor)

Benjamin Atkin
Cornell University

Mobile File System Support for Collaborative Data Access

Mobile and wireless-enabled devices are becoming more and more common, but applications running on them operate under constraints which can be very different from those on desktop hosts. For example, unpredictable network connectivity can lead to wide variations in available bandwidth, which a mobile host must adapt to if it is to provide efficient, highly-consistent access to shared data. Overcoming these constraints is a vital prerequisite for supporting the emerging application area of mobile, collaborative data access in the workplace. An example of this sort of environment is one in which mobile users at a location such as a building site share and motify data for a construction project at the same time as it is used by architects at a central office.

This talk will describe MFS, an adaptive distributed file system I have designed and implemented as part of my PhD research at Cornell, how it supports this type of collaborative data access, and an experimental evaluation of the system.

Ben Atkin is currently completing a PhD in computer science at Cornell University, under the supervision of Professor Kenneth P. Birman. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) in 1998. In addition to his thesis work in application adaptation for mobile computing, Ben is also interested in operating systems design and large-scale distributed systems. He will be graduating in May 2004.

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