DATE: Thursday, October 16, 2003
TIME: Noon - 1 pm
PLACE: Hamerschlag Hall, D210

Craig Harmer
Veritas Software Corporation

Current Considerations and Future Features in a Real World File System

This seminar will focus on VERITAS' vXfs file system, a commercial, journalling file system for UNIX systems that is available on Sun Solaris, HP HP/UX, IBM AIX, and Red Hat and Suse Linux.

The first part of the talk will present and discuss on some customer issues in released versions of vXfs that are representative of issues encountered in production file systems. The second part of the talk will present some interesting new features planned for vXfs such as Storage Classes and Named Data Streams. Following that will be a discussion of considerations for commercial implementations of future file system technologies like NASD and Venti.

Craig Harmer is a founding engineer at VERITAS Software, which is now a billion dollar company with over 6,000 employees. He went to school at U.C. Berkeley where he received a B.A. in Physics and Computer Science. For the last 16 years he's been doing kernel work on various flavors of UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT. His primary focus at VERITAS has been on commercial file systems and data storage.

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