DATE: Thursday , May 8, 2003
TIME: Noon - 1 pm
PLACE: Hamerschlag Hall D-210

Craig Soules
Carnegie Mellon University

System Support for Online Reconfiguration

Online reconfiguration provides a way to extend and replace active operating system components. This provides administrators, developers, applications, and the system itself with a way to update code, adapt to changing workloads, pinpoint performance problems, and perform a variety of other tasks while the system is running. With generic support for interposition and hot-swapping, a system allows active components to be wrapped with additional functionality or replaced with different implementations that have the same interfaces. This talk describes support for online reconfiguration in the K42 operating system and our initial experiences using it.

Craig Soules is a 3rd year graduate student in Computer Science who did this work in conjunction with the K42 research group at IBM. During his time working with the K42 group, he has become a true believer in both micro-kernels and application extentions. This talk
will (hopefully) be in fulfillment of his speaking requirement.

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