DATE: Thursday , June 6, 2002
TIME: Noon - 1 pm
PLACE: Hamerschlag Hall, D-Level Conference Room

Michael Kozuch
Intel Research, Pittsburgh

Internet Suspend / Resume

Internet Suspend/Resume is a new capability for mobile computing that mimics the opening and closing of a laptop, but avoids physical transport of hardware. Through rapid and easy personalization and depersonalization of anonymous hardware, a user is able to suspend work at one machine and to resume it at another. Our key insight is that this capability can be achieved by layering virtual machine technology on a distributed file system. We report on an initial implementation and describe our plans for improving efficiency, portability, and security.

After receiving his PhD (electrical engineering) from Princeton in 1997, Michael Kozuch joined the Intel research labs in Portland, Oregon. Mike spent his first couple of years at Intel developing SoftSDV, a platform simulator for IA32 and IA64 systems. This work in platform simulation developed into his current interest in virtual machine technology. Mike returned to his native Western PA and joined Intel Research Pittsburgh in September 2001.

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