DATE: Friday, November 2, 2001
TIME: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
PLACE: Newell Simon Hall 3305

Dalibor Vrsalovic
President, Intel Online Services, Inc.

The Future of Distributed Systems in a Global Enterprise

History of the enterprise computing could be well described as a quest for productivity. Global enterprises today increase the productivity of their employees by using distributed computer systems and the Internet. However, for each $1 spent on the equipment and software there are $3-$5 spent on people that manage these in corporate data centers. Total IT expenditures in US reached 5% of the GNP (i.e. approx. $0.5T), and are still growing. Distributed e-business systems today are mission critical and service outages are further increasing the total cost of ownership.

The author discusses a need for better distributed system models, and tools, that help to reduce the total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of a distributed service system (i.e. design, deployment, operation, maintenance, and upgrades). An architecture of the Intel Online Services service delivery framework (I2A), and the associated models are used to illustrate the issues raised in this abstract.

Dalibor F. Vrsalovic is President, Intel Online Services, Inc. Previously, Vrsalovic served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Intel's New Business Group. In this position, Dr. Vrsalovic was responsible for the long-range development of the architecture for Internet services and systems and for working with internal and external technology vendors to ensure a continuing stream of innovation for Intel's Internet platforms and services.

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