SDI Seminar

Speaker: Peter J. Braam, Stelias Computing, Carnegie Mellon, Red Hat Software

Date: November 18, 1999
Time: Noon
Place: Wean Hall 8220

Clusters and Object Storage for Linux


In this talk I'd like to relate some of the clustering and file system efforts that are under way in the Linux community. We will tour the design of a cluster infrastructure for high availability. This includes channel, link and integrity layers with mechanisms for recovery and quorum support. The "Linux Cluster Cabal" has made extensions to this to allow highly scalable hierarchical clusters to exist.

In the second half of the talk I want to discuss how Lustre, a Linux cluster file system, has been designed, exploiting this cluster infrastructure as well as object based storage. Object based storage offers an attractive picture for both storage management and for clustering and this is currently being explored in the Linux community and industry.


Peter J. Braam specializes in clusters, file systems and storage software. He is currently actively working on the InterMezzo file system, cluster file systems and distributed lock managers for Linux as well as object based storage management software.

He is mostly working for Stelias Computing, but also a part time faculty member at CMU and cluster and file systems architect at Red Hat Software.

Peter got his PhD from Oxford in 1987 and subsequently held faculty positions at Utah and Oxford. He joined CMU in 1996 to lead further development on the Coda file system.