SDI Seminar

Speaker: Jim Hughes, Storage Technology Corp.

Date: November 19, 1998
Time: Noon
Place: Wean Hall 8220

Information Security: Building Secure File Systems in an Insecure Environment.

There are several issues that are impacting the ability to create secure computer infrastructures. They are the numbers of bad people inside the walls, numbers of unknown connections to business partners, and wide area network data rates and computer horsepower which are growing to a point which will not allow us use traditional firewalls. This talk will discuss these issues and the technical challenges in creating, using, trusting a secure information storage capability which will be necessary in the future. Law enforcement and privacy issues will also be discussed.

Bio:Jim Hughes is a Fellow at Storage Technology, which is the highest technical position within Storage Technology. Jim's experience includes Encryption and Information Security technologies on STK's BorderGuard and ATLAS product line as well as high speed ATM, SONET, HIPPI, FC and other technologies. He is a current or former member of the ANSI, IETF, X3T11 and NASD consortium.