SDI Seminar

Speaker: Doug Shepherd, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

Scalability Issues for Networked Multimedia Storage

Date: May 18, 1995

Abstract: This presentation describes a Scalable Multimedia Storage Architecture (SMSA) that supports wide area storage, storage server scalability, and maximized available data streams through the use of the load balancing techniques of network striping/file replication. It also allows for the storage of multi-resolution data produced by scalable compression techniques to match the Quality of Service requirements of heterogeneous clients.

Biography: Doug Shepherd is Director of Informations Systems Policy and Professor of Computer Science at Lancaster University in the UK. He is responsible for the provision of IT on the campus and has overseen the installation of an ATM based campus wide network to support multimedia and high performance computing. His research interests are Multimedia Networked Storage Systems, Quality of Service and filtering systems. He is joint leader of the Distributed Multimedia Research Group at Lancaster University and is a graduate of London University.