SDI Seminar

Speaker: H.V. Jagadish, AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ

Dali: A Lightweight Main-Memory Storage Manager

Date: November 2, 1995

Abstract: Performance needs of many database applications dictate that the entire database be stored in main memory. Dali is a main memory storage manager designed to provide the persistence, availability and safety guarantees one typically expects from a disk-resident database, while at the same time providing the very high performance possible with in-memory data.

Dali treats all data, including system data, uniformly as database files that can be memory mapped. The design philosophy is that an application should pay only for the features it needs. A modular layered design enables the independent customization of different subsystems, such as recovery and concurrency control, and even their elimination if desired.

Joint work with P. Bohannon, D. Lieuwen, R. Rastogi, A. Silberschatz, and S. Sudarshan.