SDI Seminar

Speaker: Stephen Pink, Swedish Institute of Technology

JETFILE: A Distributed File System for Big Memory Desktops Attached to High Speed Networks

Date: June 8, 1994

Abstract: This talk presents some ideas on the design of JetFile, a distributed file system for computers that have big memories and are attached to high speed networks. JetFile is designed for workstations that have hundreds of megabytes of main memory and communicate with their servers on networks where user-to-user bandwidth is available at speeds approaching one gigabit per second. JetFile caches whole directories on reference to prevent costly round trip times, while it shares main memory with user programs. JetFile uses multicast to support server replication, and uses multicast to provide the basis of consistency guarantees, as servers update groups of clients with new file versions. JetFile is being designed for use in the Swedish High Performance Computer Network, a fiber-optic network that spans the length of the country.