NOVEMBER 5 to 7, 2007








    Retreat Agenda

    Monday, November 5: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands


      Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview

      Randy Bryant - Data Intensive Super Computing

      Session I: Predictability and Utility

      Bianca Schroeder - Disk Failures in the Real World: Data Corruption in the Storage Stack

      Raja Sambasivan - Diagnosing Performance Problems in Distributed Systems

      Soila Kavulya - Sherlock: Fingerpointing Problems in Distributed Systems

      Session II: Automation and Usability for Storage

      John Strunk - Using Utility for Storage Provisioning and Tuning

      Brandon Salmon - Perspective: View-based Home Storage

      Lorrie Cranor - Usable Storage Security

      Session III: Short Work-In-Progress Talks

      Rob Reeder - Expandable Grids for Visualizing Security and Privacy Policies

      Mike Abd-El-Malek - File System Virtual Machines

      Tudor Dumitraş - : On-line Upgrades in Large-scale Distributed Systems

      Milo Polte - Metadata-indexed Cluster Filesystems

    Tuesday, November 6: Nemacolin Woodlands

      Session IV: Storage and Networking

      David Andersen - Flexible and Efficient Data Transfers with DOT

      Amar Phanishayee - TCP Throughput Collapse in Cluster-based Storage Systems

      Session V: Fault Tolerance

      Joe Slember - Lazy and Efficient Convergence in Nondeterministic Applications

      James Hendricks - Low-overhead Byzantine Fault-tolerant Storage

      Session VI: Scaling Metadata Services

      Swapnil Patil - GIGA+: Scalable Directories for Shared File Systems

      Shafeeq Sinnamohideen - Eliminating Cross-server Operations in Scalable Storage Systems

      Session VII: More Work-In-Progress Talks

      Ippokratis Pandis - Scalable Staged Transaction Processing in Chip Multiprocessors

      Julio López - DISC: Data-Intensive Super Computing -- Initial Experience and Future Directions

      Garth Gibson - PDSI Status and Plans

    Wednesday, November 7: Nemacolin Woodlands

      Session VIII: When Workloads Mix

      David McWherter - Performance Modeling: How to Share Your DBMS Greedily

      Matthew Wachs - Argon: Performance Insulation for Shared Storage Servers

      Session IX: Database Implementation Techniques

      Ryan Johnson - To Share or Not to Share?

      Debabrata Dash - Efficient Use of the Query Optimizer for Automated Physical Design

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    Director, Parallel Data Laboratory
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
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    PDL Executive Director
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