OCTOBER 4 to 6, 2006







    Wednesday, October 4: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands

    Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview

    Session I: Predictability and Utility

    Eno Thereska - What-If Analysis in Ursa Minor

    Matthew Wachs - Argon: Performance Insulation for Shared Storage Servers

    John Strunk - Using Utility Functions to Control a Distributed Storage System


    Session II: Forecasting Problems and Fingerpointing

    Jimeng Sun - InteMon: Continuous Mining of Sensor Data In Large-Scale Self-* Infrastructures

    Mike Kasick - Toward Fingerpointing in the Emulab Dynamic Distributed System

    Alice Zheng - Failure Diagnosis of Software and Systems


    Session III: Short Work-In-Progress Talks

    Soila Pertet:Fingerpointing in Replicated Systems
    Raja Sambasivan: Clustering Activity Trace Data for Performance Debugging
    Michael Abd-El-Malek: Automatic Instrumentation for Request Tracing
    Garth Gibson: Research in the Petascale Data Storage Institute (PDSI)

    Thursday, October 5: Nemacolin Woodlands

    Session IV: On Scaling

    Bianca Schroeder - Failures in The Real World: Collecting, Analyzing and Exploiting Failure Data from Real, Large Systems

    Shafeeq Sinnamohideen - Eliminating Cross-Server Operations in Scalable File Systems


    Session V: Supporting Scientific Computations

    Stratos Papadomanolakis - Efficient Query Processing on Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes

    Mike Mesnier - //TRACE: Parallel Trace Replay with Approximate Causal Events


    Session VI: Distributed Data Managament and Movement

    Brandon Salmon - Putting Home Data Management into Perspective

    David Andersen - Data-Oriented Transfer

    Alina Oprea - Integrity Checking in Cryptographic File Systems with Constant Trusted Storage


    Session VII: More WIP Talks

    Adam Pennington:Heterogeneous Intrusion Detection Fusion
    James Hendricks: Secure Dynamic Membership
    Andrew Klosterman: Storage Management in Object-based Storage Systems
    Mike Mesnier: Modeling the Relative Fitness of Storage Devices

    Friday, October 6: Nemacolin Woodlands

    Session VIII: New Distributed Computing Approaches

    Niraj Tolia - Dimorphic Computing

    Joe Slember - Static Analysis Meets Distributed Fault-Tolerance: Enabling State-Machine Replication with Nondeterminism


    Session IX: Database Implementation Techniques

    Nikos Hardavellas - Database Servers on Chip Multiprocessors: Limitations and Opportunities

    Minglong Shao - Exploring Multidimensional Access in DBMS

    Have a look at last year's agenda.

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