MONDAY, OCTOBER 14: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands


    Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview
    C3S Kick-Off and Overview
    Posters & Open Discussion
    Rick Carley - Progress and Expectations for MEMS-based Storage

    Session I: Database Storage Management

    Steve Schlosser - MEMS-based Storage Devices in Computer Systems
    Jiri Schindler - Lachesis: A Storage Device Access Patterns Advisor for Database Systems

    Session II: Storage & Security

    Shimin Chen - Fractal Prefetching B+-Trees: Optimizing both Cache and Disk Performance
    Adam Pennington - Storage-based Intrusion Detection
    Garth Goodson - Coordination-free, Yet Consistent, Updates to Redundant Storage

    Session III: New Directions in Storage Management

    Short talks on new research directions in storage management,
    attribute-based file naming, and expressive storage interfaces.

    John Strunk - Self-Tuning Storage Systems
    Craig Soules - Why Can't I Find My Files?
    Chris Lumb - Extensible Storage Systems
    Jay Wylie - Addressing Integrity in Survivable Storage

    Poster Session

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15: Nemacolin Woodlands

    Session IV: Workload Characterization

    Mengzhi Wang - Capturing the Spatio-Temporal Correlation of Real Traffic Data
    Stratos Papadomanolakis - Automated Physical Database Design with
    the Stripe Wizard

    Session V: Dealing with Overload

    Andrew Klosterman - Cuckoo: Layered Clustering for NFS
    Bianca Schroeder - Improving Performance of Static and Dynamic Requests
    at a Busy Web Server

    Session VI: Storage Security

    Dawn Song - Smart & Secure Storage in Untrusted Environments

    Poster Session

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16: Nemacolin Woodlands

    Session VII: Adaptation & Redistribution

    Mike Reiter - Safeguarding Confidential Data on Portable Devices
    David Petrou - The Virtues of Procrastination, A Work in Progress
    Ted Wong - Survivable Archive System Design




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