MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5: Carnegie Mellon

    Greg Ganger: Welcome
    Ken Gabriel, CMU: Silicon that Hears and Makes Sound
    Posters & Open Discussion

    Nemacolin Woodlands

    SESSION I: Maximizing Disk Performance

    Jiri Schindler - Matching File System Policies to Disk Characteristics
    Chris Lumb - Freeblock Scheduling Outside of Disk Firmware

    SESSION II: Survivable Storage Systems

    Jay Wylie - Analyzing Survivable Storage Systems
    Vijay Pandurangan - Performance Tuning in Survivable Storage Systems

    Poster Session and Reception

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6: Nemacolin Woodlands

    SESSION III: Decentralized FS Design

    Garth Goodson - A Survivable NFS File System
    John Griffin - Timing-accurate Storage Emulation

    SESSION IV: Storage Networking

    Aditya Akella - Congestion Management and Service Differentiation
    Andy Klosterman - Distributed File System Measurements and Load Balancing
    Ted Wong - Decentralized Reconfiguration of Threshold Schemes

    SESSION V: Database Systems

    Shimin Chen - Improving Database Index Performance through Prefetching
    Stavros Harizopoulos - Affinity Scheduling in Staged Database Systems

    SESSION VI: Maximizing Disk Performance II

    Angela Demke Brown - Taming the Memory Hogs

    Poster Session & Reception

    WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7: Nemacolin Woodlands

    SESSION VII: System Robustness

    Mike Bigrigg - Program Analysis for Robust Information System
    Bianca Schroeder - Improving Performance of Web Servers Under Overload

    SESSION VIII: Storage-Embedded Security

    John Strunk - Detection, Diagnosis, and Recovery with Self-Securing Storage
    Craig Soules - A Fine-grained Versioning System For Self-Securing Storage

    Feedback Session